Young blind boy playing with ball


Classes and workshops adaptable to meet the needs of all students. Populations such as youth and adults with physical and mental disabilities are more than able to learn skills and achieve success in the center ring.


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Our mission is to teach and present the circus arts with a fresh perspective and encourage everyone to express their unique mojo—talent, zeal, confidence, drive, and spirit. The Circus Mojo Center is ADA+ accessible.

Young blind boy playing with ball

Our program serves people of all ages and abilities and helps them become active participants in the circus arts in a variety of venues, including schools, hospitals, residential care facilities, and our ADA+ Circus Mojo Center in Ludlow, KY. Circus Mojo prescribes immediate enjoyment and empowerment to participants through music, improvisation, and instruction. Circus Mojo artists entertain participants and teach a variety of skills from juggling scarves and balancing peacock feathers to spinning plates and interactive clowning.

Mentally and physically disabled participants are inspired and transformed by the spontaneous, imaginative, and lighthearted world of circus. Learning and laughing are powerful tools and integral components of health and well being. Our goal is to understand individual needs, teach new skills, inspire laughter and confidence, and, ultimately, provide positive experiences. Everyone has a place to shine in the circus!

Prescription: Stay Young At Heart

According to a study by UC Berkeley, an average 4-year-old laughs around 400 times a day and an average 40-year-old laughs around 7 times a day.


What clients have to say about CircAbilty

“During their performance, a developmentally delayed, deaf teen was chosen to participate on stage to spin plates. When on stage, the child immediately started beaming and taking direction about how to perform the trick. When we arrived home, the first thing that this child did was to use sign language to communicate to his mother all about his circus performance and how he could spin a plate. Circus Mojo teachers and performers appear to instinctively be drawn to the children who can benefit most from their participation.”
– Meredith Vela, LCSW – 
Quality of Life Program Coordinator
, Texas Children’s Hospital


“Mojo has been very beneficial on the Rehab Unit. We had a great session with 3 patients along with their families. The parents enjoyed Mojo just as much as their sons or daughters did. Patients were even trying new things. Not once did I hear “I can’t do that” (not even from one of my spinal cord injury patients). All the circus tricks such as spinning plates and balancing feathers are a great way for patients to use fine and gross motor skills without them realizing that they are doing just that. Everyone was participating and enjoying themselves. It was almost like they completely forgot that they were in the hospital.”
– Nikki Petrisko, MS, CCLS – Division of Child LifeCincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center


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Circus Mojo Brochure – CircAbility (pdf)