Sharon Alvarez-Miller

Circus Mojo’s Company Artist – Sharon Alvarez-Miller

Born and raised in Mexico City, Sharon took aerial silk lessons as part of a successful government program that keeps youth out of the streets. In 2010 she moved to Cincinnati with her husband and after weeks of searching for a place to practice silks, she found Circus Mojo. Because of the distance (a 90-minute bus ride, one way) between her house and the Circus Mojo studio, Sharon says she was reluctant to commit to the project at first. But after getting her Immigration work permit, working with Paul and the rest of the staff and students, volunteering for some smaller gigs and seven weeks of summer camp, Sharon became a full-time employee for Circus Mojo. Since then, she has performed in dozens of shows and taught countless classes, including being a part of Circus Mojo’s Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Hillcrest Detention Center programs. She’s looking forward for all the shows to come!